Conversational Commerce for Restaurants

Vocinate helps restaurants get closer than ever before to their customers; enabling anytime friction-free voice-first enabled commerce.


Our unique AI conversational commerce platform make it affordable and easy for businesses to virtually move into their customers’ phones and homes and to be in a constant state of readiness to process orders through the most natural and personal form of communication… the human voice.


Vocinate is “The Sound of Sales.”



The easier you make it for your customers to order from you (via touchscreen, text or voice), the more they’ll know that you care about their entire experience…from soup to nuts.

POS Integrations

By connecting our intuitive voice user experience (UX) to your POS and other back-end systems we ensure that the Vocinate solution seamlessly integrates with the way you currently operate.


We bring the latest technology to let you compete against even your largest competitors.  You don’t have to fall behind just because you might not have a huge tech team and budget.

Why Now?

Voice computing on phones and ‘smart speakers’ will become a critical channel for shopping and information.  Almost everyone has a mobile phone. There is over 112 million AI assistants like Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple Homepod living in people’s homes.  It is projected that there will be over 8 billion digital voice assistants in use by 2023. Further, by 2020, it’s projected that voice will facilitate over $40 billion in annual sales!  Are you prepared to serve your customers in this important new sales channel?

Why Vocinate?

Vocinate makes it easy and affordable for restaurants to have their own branded AI skills that leverage the power of voice to improve all aspects of their take-out and delivery business.

Working with us, you’ll gain a 24/7 virtual assistant for your team who will:

  • Take customer orders; wherever, whenever;
  • Gain actionable insights from every customer interaction;
  • Always politely suggest the perfect upsell items;

With Vocinate, your customers are able to order by voice from their phones, homes and offices. Orders flow directly into your POS, Payment, and Inventory control systems.

With Vocinate, your team can focus on high value tasks rather than juggling phone calls and accepting payments at the counter.

“I love working with the Vocinate team. Their voice computing platform hooks up directly to our backend systems – no small order – and gives our franchise a “cool factor” that’s pretty important when competing with the big chains. Their system is more intuitive than the Domino’s app and I would recommend Vocinate for any independent operator; especially if they’re worried about the marketing muscle of the competition.”

Brent Gardner

IT Director and Development Lead, Hideaway Pizza

“I’ve been waiting for you!

We always want to be at the forefront of tech…

…but we need partners like you to make it happen.”


Sara Byers

Owner, Leonardo’s Pizza

“When I was at Amazon, there was a fierce internal battle about how VOICE AI would advance most quickly. The question was would it happen vertically or horizontally?  I was excited to join the Vocinate team, because I was in the vertical camp. Their business model is a really smart implementation of a vertical approach. The funny thing is they’ll win either way.”


Daren Gill

Former Director, Product Management, Amazon Echo & Speech, Amazon

“The product that Vocinate is bringing to the table will add thousands of dollars to our restaurants’ monthly sales.”


Gene Harrison

Director of Channel Sales, Omnivore

“This is f—ing brilliant!”

Paul Budnitz

Renowned Product Designer

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Notice To Our Customers: Due to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic that is having such an onerous impact on our customers (and way of life), we will be waiving our monthly subscription fees for up to three months.

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